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What exactly is a dynamic job search circle?


Dynamic job search circles are systems that offer people assistance for a certain amount of time in their search for new opportunities. These systems offer structured activities through interactive working groups, designed to assist members by acquainting them with the UAE job market, structuring their presentations and evaluating their competencies to ensure that prospective employers will view them as the best candidates for the job.

Based on a commercial competency approach, these circles have demonstrated success rates ranging from 70 to 80 percent in France and the United States, where they originated. Stimulating an active job search through the healthy competition and interactivity in the group is one of the keys to successful career development.

Additionally, members leverage the informal job market by maximizing the power of networking with other participants (with a wide variety of backgrounds from diverse sectors).

Why form a circle in Dubai?


The number of French citizens in this Emirate has doubled over the past five years. 100 new French nationals register at the consulate each month. These people often feel relatively alone upon their arrival.

Sharing our search process, the conditions of the job market in Dubai and our private professional network is an effective means of dynamizing their job searches.

Through mirroring, the group offers the necessary constructive criticism and feedback to help members make a solid pitch in their interviews with recruiters.

Objectives of the circle


To dynamize the search for employment at a given time through regular follow-up (once a week) of the member's progress, setting milestones for each session

To understand the key players in the economy of the Emirates

To stimulate job searches through competition within the group

To build self-confidence through proactive participation in the group (presentations, constructive criticism, reviews, etc.)

To test resumes in front of an audience, developing an effective pitch in terms of career objectives, clarity and relevance

To train for interviews through simulations of real-life situations (elevator pitches, presentation during interviews)

To develop a network approach (personal and shared professional networks)

Target audience


Anyone looking for work in the field of management


The performance of the group is tied to:

• The motivation and commitment of the participants, who must be available and willing to work hard at all times

• The diversity of the participants' professions and sectors

• The proactivity of the participants in engaging in a structured group approach




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